5 planet-saving swaps you can do in 2020

As we enter into a new decade, the word on everyones lips is 'sustainability', 'eco', 'green'. Thanks to the one and only Sir David Attenborough, we are able to see with our own eyes the devastating effect single-use plastic is having on our oceans. So, let's march into 2020 with the words "what would Greta do?" resounding before we decide to buy another plastic bottle. 

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Here's 5 swaps you can make straight away which will not only help our planet, but simplify and declutter your homes.

1. Swap to reusable cotton pads

We love BamBaw reusable cotton pads. Cotton is produced using masses of pesticides, fertilisers and water. These pads can be washed in your laundry and even come with a laundry bag! 

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2. Swap to a reusable water bottle

We produce almost 20,000 bottles every second, a huge proportion of that being used for drinking bottles, particularly water. Swap to a reusable bottle such as Chilly's. They even keep your water cold for 24 hours - much better than plastic!

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3. Swap to reusable razor

Another easy swap! With a variety of reusable razor schemes appearing all over the internet at reasonable prices, it's never been more affordable and easy to swap from disposable razors. You'll also get a much better shave. We love Friction Free Shaving

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4. Swap to beeswax wrap for leftovers

The perfect alternative to cling film or tin foil. They are 100% natural, keep your food super fresh, are reusable and 100% biodegradable. 


5. Swap to reusable shampoo bottles

Cosmetic bottles are by far the most damaging to the environment, as they generally can only be recycled under certain schemes and rarely go in mainstream recycling. This means that most cosmetic bottles end up in landfill. Swap to refillable and reusable haircare bottles. Our circular pouch recycling system means that NO plastic will ever end up in landfill. 

Make these easy swaps today and let's make 2020 the year we begin to clear our oceans of plastic.