We're Ditching Black Friday

Say Hello to Green Friday. Here are 5 sustainable brands we love!

Did you know that up to 80% of our Black Friday purchases are simply thrown away after just one or even zero uses? Black Friday, adopted by the UK from the US, sees shoppers over-consuming and even fighting over discounted products. As prices are slashed, tempting in the Christmas consumer, we see post-Christmas the majority of these puchases ending up in the bin, having never been used. We say scrap Black Friday, say hello to Green Friday! 

Some of our favourites...

1. Spruce

B-Corp Pending household cleaning product business, Spruce make refillable home cleaning products which are both harmless to us and the planet. After struggling with infertility, Founder Mahira Kalim learnt that many household products are full of harsh chemicals which are awful for our health and the planet. We love the whole concept and story behind this brand and their bottles are beautiful!


Refillable bottles from Spruce

2. Pantee

Pantee turn old unwanted excess T-Shirts that were destined to end up in landfill into super comfy pants and bras. They use 100% recyclable packaging and have a variety of different shapes to allow for any body shape and preference of underwear. We love how Pantee are super inclusive whilst distrupting the fashion industry with their upcycling idea. 


Pantee bra & pants set

3. Ohne

There's nothing this amazing company doesn't cover when it comes to your period. From CBD oil to help you with cramps or moodiness, period pants or organic plastic-free pads. This brand holds sustainability and ethics at the forefront of its priorities and we love their branding also!


Ohne Babes

4. Yala

B Corp certified jewellery company Yala, makes jewellery with a purpose. They choose raw materials that can be ethically sourced, re-used and recycled whilst ensuring each piece is traceable, from design to delivery. Plus, for every purchase made, they automatically invest in verified emissions reductions, more commonly known as “offsets” .  This brand takes sustainability seriously and are the first jewellery company in the UK to be B Corp certified!


Yala Jewellery

5. Finisterre

Finisterre are B Corp certified, creating sustainable outdoor clothing since 2003. With a focus on plastic pollution in the sea, Finisterre make it their mission to leave no trace by having entirely transparant supply chains and using only sustainable and ethically sourced materials. 


Finisterre Community

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