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Tired of single-use plastic bottles cluttering your bathroom? Meet your forever bottle.

Let's go
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Four steps to a

healthy head and 
happy planet.

Get your bottle

We'll send your bottles and refills. Our bottle are designed to last. If they don't? We'll send you another.

Fill up

Fill up your bottles from our
zero-waste pouches. Our pouches become pouches once they're done being pouches.

Recycle the rest

All our packaging is plastic-free and minimal, so you can recycle everything. Keep hold of your pouches though.

Zero-waste pouch return

Send your pouches back to us for free and we'll chemically recycle them. This process ensures zero-waste and zero downcycling.

A circular recycling system

A revolutionary recycling system, meaning absolutely no waste, no down-cycling and 100% transparency.

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It's what's inside that counts

Our products have minimal ingredients and are packed with only the good stuff.

Our ingredients

100% Circular Recycling

Ever heard of chemical recycling? It's the only way to recycle plastic with zero waste. Learn more.

Absolutely No Compromise

Our convenient subscription means you'll never run out again. 

A Lot Less Packaging

A lot more of what you love. Pouches use 70% less energy to produce than bottles. 

Kind On Your Head

Our products contain no nasties and we use as few ingredients as possible. Try it for yourself. 


No! We are committed to using ingredients for all hair types.